Tac Energy Policy Regarding Hurricane Emergencies

On August 23, 2012 by TradingDesk

TAC Energy, a division of Truman Arnold Companies, takes great care to ensure our regular customers are allocated the fuel supply they need to keep their business in operation during natural disasters. We make it a priority to secure supply and making deliveries to existing customers. TAC Energy will not abandon loyal customers by taking fuel in a limited supply environment and offer it to a prospective customer for short-term gain.

Product price volatility and extremely limited supply from natural disasters create a challenging environment for everyone who is in desperate need for fuel. Should supply disruptions occur due to hurricane Irene, TAC Energy will adhere to the following policies:

TAC ENERGY CONTRACT CUSTOMERS will receive top priority and supply allocation.

REGULAR TAC ENERGY CUSTOMERS will be allocated product immediately after contract customers.

PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS will be placed in a cue and given product allocation on a first come, first serve basis (if available).

In order to prepare for a natural disaster fuel emergency, we recommend the following:

- Build your inventory when a storm is forecast for your region

- Conserve your bulk inventory when possible – Fill your Vehicles, then your bulk tanks

- Do not rely on ANY published pricing indexes – call and confirm prices with your TAC Energy sales manager before ordering

- Prepare to be flexible with pricing formulas during the emergency period; due to market conditions beyond anyone’s control you may have to choose between price and supply.

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Should an emergency occur, all TAC Energy sales managers are on standby to provide you with 24/7 service. Our Supply & Logistics hotline will also be fully staffed to provide you with personal service.

TAC Energy Supply & Logistics Hotline         800-808-6500

National Accounts Manager

Carl Nelson (800) 375-3835 cnelson@tacenergy.com

Western Accounts Manager

Rob Case (303) 790-8096 rcase@tacenergy.com

Regional Sales Managers

Chad Hebert (972) 807-7873 chebert@tacenergy.com

Doug Jones (972) 807-7873 djones@tacenergy.com

Jeff Thomas (972) 807-7873 jthomas@tacenergy.com

Derrick Maynard (903) 794-3835 dmaynard@tacenergy.com



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